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Frequently asked questions

When will the schedule for presentations be released?

The planning committee will group paper abstracts based on common topics and themes and then assign groupings to one of five time slots: Saturday from 10:30 to 11:45 (Session A), from 1:00 to 1:50 (Session B), Sunday from 900 to 10:30 (session C) , from 10:45 to noon (Session D), or from 1 to 230 (session E). We will release session assignments no later than mid-September.

Will I be able to request a specific date and time for my presentation?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate requests for specific dates and times for presentations. Depending on the format of each proposal, we will group presentations based on topic as do most conferences, which hopefully makes for a cohesive session for all participants.

What should I expect during the sessions?

LSGSC is proud to offer a wide variety of session types and formats to encourage the sharing of work at whatever stage it is at and engage our peers in meaningful discussions about learning sciences ideas and research. The six main session types will run roughly as follows:


  • Forum–Forums don’t quite know what they are, but they’re giving it their all. Forums are our attempt to break out of the mold of what a typical conference presentation is, and give presenters time to discuss research with an emphasis on participant engagement and discussion. Forum sessions are 45 minutes long and will vary in structure. 

  • Wild Ideas–Wild Ideas are research questions, theoretical frameworks, study designs, and instructional designs that are still in the works or involve ranging into new waters. Wild Ideas invite the audience to build on, question, and critique with the presenter(s), allowing conference attendees to generate stronger ideas together. Like Forums, these sessions will vary depending on the presenter and topic. 

  • Workshops–Workshops are interactive presentations. They may focus on devices, systems, or techniques such as games, software, or novel research methods. Or they could be centered around an activity or experience. With a workshop you will get 45 minutes to let everybody work on something LS related.

  • Research Talk–These sessions will be 20 minutes with 10 minutes for questions/discussion. They follow the more traditional research presentation format used for larger conferences and are a great way to get experience. Research talks will be grouped thematically in to longer sessions with time at the end for questions and discussion about all papers in the session. 

  • Lightning Talk–Grouped together into a longer session, these talks will be lightning fast! Presenters will practice for a three-minute thesis competition, for that quick elevator pitch or job interview, or try out a new, fun way of explaining your work! Time for questions and feedback will be built into these sessions. 

  • Poster– Posters will be displayed during a 1.5 hour session on Sunday, October 15th (session E). Presenters will discuss their posters for either the first or second 45-minute portion of this session. Posters should be no larger than 46 inches by 46 inches. Additionally, presenters who are sharing demos may have access to tables and a limited set of larger monitors and screens that can be connected to a presenter’s laptop.

What should I know about projection technology in Lindquist Center?

Please bring your own laptop and adapters/dongles if you plan to project something for a presentation or poster session. Most rooms are equipped with both VGA and HDMI cables but some computers require adapters/dongles, which may not be in each room. Additionally, you may choose to connect to some screens using wireless Solstice technology. Read more about technology in Lindquist  rooms.

What do I need to do if I want to use a screen or large monitor for my demo or poster?

Please indicate whether you would like to digitally display your poster or demo on the conference registration form. Most of the screens are also accompanied by a table and/or chairs. Once we know how many participants plan to use these screens and table spaces, we will send an email with more information about how to connect your laptop to the screen. 

Will my abstract be included in the conference proceedings online?

When re-submitting your final abstract in EasyChair, select whether you would like it to be included in the conference proceedings, which will be published online. Final submissions that are not properly formatted will be excluded from the Conference Proceedings. Submit your final abstract using the EasyChair system by Wednesday, August 30, at 11:59pm Central Time. 

  • Please consider reviewer feedback (listed below) in making final edits.

  • Be sure that your final submission conforms to the formatting standards for the conference. This includes adding your and your co-author's name, affiliation, and email to the submission. Templates with formatting standards are available at

What might I wear to the conference?

It’s up to you. In the past, participants have generally worn a relaxed version of business casual attire.

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