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Frequently asked questions

Does LSGSC have a registration fee?

No! LSGSC is and always has been FREE for all attendees! You're welcome!

Note that travel / accommodations are NOT covered and will need to be booked individually.

Does LSGSC publish its proceedings?

Proceedings will be published on the website shortly after the end of the conference and made available for free. 

Previous years proceedings can be found here:

Whats the flying / airport situation?

Bloomington is a 1-hour shuttle ride from Indianapolis International Airport. Shuttle rides are $25 and can be booked here:

The shuttle stop at Willkie North Dormitory is closest to the Education building and the Hilton Garden Inn is closest to Downtown Bloomington. 

Will meals be provided?

Friday dinner: available for purchase at the evening social location

Saturday breakfast: catered bagels & fruit provided

Saturday lunch: local restaurants & food trucks for purchase

Saturday dinner: free catered dinner at wonderlab

Sunday breakfast: catered bagels & fruit provided

Sunday lunch: local restaurants for purchase (10min walk from school)

Light snacks will be available throughout the conference

We will also have a brochure of local accessible food trucks and restaurants available for reference.

Are rides provided? How do I get around town?

Check the #travel-chat Discord channel! This is where attendees can coordinate ride-sharing & accommodations.

Everything in Bloomington is within a 15 minute drive. Accommodation within walking distance to the Education building may be difficult to find, however Uber/Lyft and public transit are available and affordable. 

One of my co-authors is a faculty member, do they need to register?


Will LSGSC 2022 have a hybrid option?

LSGSC 2022 will be hosted in-person at Indiana University - Bloomington


The majority of events will be catered to those attending in-person, however, several events will offer a virtual/hybrid option including:

  • Opening & Closing Ceremonies

  • Keynotes

  • Faculty Panel

Any workshops or forums which wish to have a virtual/hybrid component should reach out to the organizers in advance and will be responsible for coordinating. 

What is Discord?

Discord is a social media platform that allows for text-based and video chatting. Discord is free for users, but you will need to install the program on your computer or download the app onto your phone.

LSGSC will use Discord as our 'hub' for day-of communication, tech support, and last-minute updates.

Join the LSGSC Discord at

I'm visiting Bloomington in-person!

Where should I stay?

There are several affordable hotels in Bloomington, however availability may be limited. We recommend checking AirBnb for near-town availability.

See this document for a list of recommended hotels / accommodations.

Also check the #travel-chat Discord channel! This is where attendees can coordinate ride-sharing & accommodations.

What's the parking situation?

Unless otherwise posted, parking is free in the garages beginning at 6 p.m. on Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday.

I have a request / need to withdraw my submission / presentation!

Contact us at: 

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