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Image by Adrien Olichon

Learning Sciences Graduate Student Conference

The New Normal: Views from
the Edge of Apocalypse

Indiana University - Bloomington
October 21st - 23rd, 2022

This year's theme

The new normal: Views from the Edge of Apocalypse

The Learning Science Graduate Student Conference is a gathering of emerging voices in the field of Learning Sciences. All grad student work is welcome at LSGSC, but this year, we are particularly interested in work and discussion about the ‘The New Normal’, how research, grad student life, and the learning sciences has changed or looks now in light of the upheaval and uncertainty of the recent years. In light of this uncertainty, we especially encourage works-in-progress, first-time presenters, and things that do not fit the norms of academia.

The seventh annual LSGSC will be held at Indiana University, Bloomington. Our planned date is October 22 - 23 with a ‘kick-off’ social event on Friday, October 21st. This event is a great way to meet one another before we begin more formally sharing our work. A full schedule and list of faculty speakers will be announced in August.

We hope you will join us and invite others that may be interested in the conference!

What is lsgsc?

The Learning Sciences Graduate Student Conference (LSGSC) is a convening for emerging voices in the learning sciences and related fields to (1) engage with and iterate on work that focuses on studying and designing for learning, and (2) build community across campuses and among graduate students and faculty. We are especially interested in works-in-progress and first-time presenters. Each year, students share work in its various stages of completion, including conjectured designs, theoretical frameworks, preliminary findings, and manuscripts being prepared for submission.

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